Music is a matter of the heart . . .

… this is why to me music has always been related to friendship and happenings which mark a corner stone in my heart. I love the energy shared in a band and the creative work in the recording studio. And I am passionate about singing lead vocals as much as being part of a background choir.

It was at the age of twenty when I discovered my songwriting skills. I was lucky to be friend with a group of professional musicians from whom I could learn and who took me along their music adventure.

2004, I joined the band «P-Jay» as a background vocalist. Later I shifted from the back to the front to take the lead.

In 2007, while intensively studying Flamenco dance I wrote my first lyrics in Spanish for Polish DJ Duo WAWA. Since then, the dance track „Sombrita“ has been played in clubs around the globe and num
erous remixes were produced.

As a humanitarian worker I travelled the world for many years. I soon understood that music plays an important role in human life (see my blog). Our desire to unfold the «inner self» is at the centre of my work. And this is why my songs have always been and will always be expressions of personal emotions and experience.


  • Lyrics & melody by Fabal
  • Composition & arrangement by Thom Wettstein
  • Covering Rihanna’s «Take a Bow»
  • With Asma Asaaf (backings) & Waseem Husseain (guitar)


Some people say that they barely listen to the lyrics and that the melody in a song is more important. The truth is that we are much more attentive to the lyrics than we are aware of.

Whether the words in the chorus are catchy, whether the verses tell a story or not are decisive factors for having a tune stuck in our head. It is no surprise that the lyrics make up to 50% of the royalties of a musical piece.

In a song the lyrics make the spirit, the rhythm is the heart and the melody the soul.

Words elicit associations and as such they transport energy and vibes. You would notice if a singer is serious about the meaning of the lyrics or whether it’s just about singing words in the correct pitch. This is why I always invest in creating meaningful and catchy lyrics.




Ever since I have travelled the continents as a humanitarian worker people & music raised my attention. I am repeatedly moved by the way people enjoy music around the world.

In 2003, in Ethiopia in the midst of a humanitarian crisis at the border region to Eritrea people merrily sung «Merkato Sefere», a catchy hit from national pop star «Abdu Khiar». They did that day & night and after a short while (and to the amusement of my companions) I found myself humming Abdu’s song all along my way through the wild mountains of Northern Ethiopia. And I understood that despite our very different cultural backgrounds we have something very in common – the PASSION FOR MUSIC!

Being aware of people’s need for music and cultural expression became an inherent part of my personal interest. There is barely somebody in this world with whom one cannot talk about music! Music builds a common ground, it speaks a universal language and it is as important as food and other livelihoods.

Music can make a statement, be a healer, a connector, a source of energy and joy. It inspires, brings people together and as an economic factor it provides jobs and income around the world.


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