Music is a matter of the heart . . .

… this is why to me music has always been related to friendship and happenings which mark a corner stone in my heart.

It was at the age of twenty when I discovered my songwriting skills. I elaborated a unique methodology on «how to write powerful lyrics» and since 2021, I have been capacitating artists in all kinds of genres to strengthen their songtext writing skills (read more under «lyrics»).

2004, I joined the band «P-Jay» as a background vocalist. Later I shifted from the back to the front to take the lead. In 2007, while intensively studying Flamenco dance I produced my first Spanish vocals for the DJ Duo WAWA. Since then, the dance track Sombrita has been played in clubs around the globe and numerous remixes were produced.

In 2020 I decided to dive into music in a more academic way and since then I have been studying Jazz and Popular Music at WIAM – and I love it!

As a humanitarian worker I have been traveling the world for many years. I soon understood that music plays an important role in the life of all human beings. Visit me here to discover my  «geographer’s heart».

Our desire to unfold our «inner self» is at the centre of my work. And this is why my songs have always been and will always be expressions of personal emotions and experience.


  • JAZZ & BLUES ENSEMBLES with diverse artists (vocals, piano, guitar, drums, bass, saxophone) as duo, quatro or according to the needs: The perfect formation to enrich your business or private event with a fine selection of Jazz Standards,  Bossa Nova and Blues tunes.
  • THE ETTA JAMES PROJECT: A tribute to the greatest female blues artist of all times with a unique selection of Etta James songs performed by Jay Nicehill with me at the backings.
  • JAY & THE GROOVE BUDDIES: Let’s groove! With a set of Blues, Funk and Soul songs for your business or private event.
  • EMBERLANE – the different Coverband: EMBERLANE is your musical highlight if you want to dance all night long to hits from the 70s till to date, spiced up with unique song versions and arrangements.

«Fly Me To The Moon» (by Bart Howart) | Gino Todesco (p) | Fabal (voc) | Peter Dickenmann (dr) | Andy Winkler (cb) |

«Cry Me A River» (by Arthur Hamilton) | Gino Todesco (p) | Fabal (voc) | Peter Dickenmann (dr) | Andy Winkler (cb)


  • Lyrics & melody by Fabal
  • Composition & arrangement by Thom Wettstein
  • Covering Rihanna’s «Take a Bow»
  • With Asma Asaaf (backings) & Waseem Husseain (guitar)
  • Improvising @Funk Jam Session
  • On stage with Martha High «the Godess of soul music»
  • Ambossrampe Zürich, June 2022
  • Performing Djavan’s «Flor de Lis» in Spanish |
  • Lyrics slightly adapted by Fabal
  • Workshop by Eliane Amherd | Arosa, June 2022
  • Performing Aretha Franklin’s «Dr. Feelgood» at Bluesfestival Baden | May 2022



Ever since I have travelled the continents as a humanitarian worker people & music raised my attention. I am repeatedly moved by the way people enjoy music around the world.

Being aware of people’s need for music and cultural expression became an inherent part of my personal interest. There is barely somebody in this world with whom one cannot talk about music! Music builds a common ground, it speaks a universal language and it is as important as food and other livelihoods.

Music is a statement, a healer, a connector, a source of energy and joy. It inspires, brings people together and as an economic factor it provides jobs and income around the world.



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