STEP 1: CONNECT with your creativity

Get into your «writing bubble»

Stepping into the «writing bubble» is the first thing to do. Once you have arrived there, every further step will be easier. Writing is magic!

A creative retreat is a possible means to deeply dive into the topic. You may stay somewhere «off the road» dedicating your time solely to the songwriting.

However, our busy lives may not always allow us to seek for such a sanctuary. So the «writing bubble» must be created around you even while you manage your daily life. This is possible!

On the way to your work, while cooking your meal, brushing your teeth, washing your hands … these are all perfect moments to think of your song project. If you deliberately use these moments as productive spaces you will notice that you get connected to your creativity so that the inspiration for your lyrics can happen every second. Somebody may mention a key word during a video conference, at the market place or the neighboring table in the restaurant … and provides you with the sparking idea for your lyrics. 

Create «space» for your inspiration

Writing lyrics does not necessarily take place while you are playing an instrument. Find out in which situation your mind is relaxed and active at the same time. For me jogging works extremely well. For you? Figure it out and find your unique creative places!

Enjoy the ride

At this point, work with your heart not yet with your mind. You will use your head later in step 3 to bring your lyrical bits and pieces into shape.

Song writing is a personal process not a means to the end. It is like going for a run: When you only strive after finishing the trail each step will feel heavy. If you run with the aim of feeling the fresh air filling your lungs and seeing the things on the wayside you will feel weightless and enjoy the journey.

John Lennon - symbol of inspiration and memorable lyrics
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Be humble

It’s often the simple things that fit best. If you set out to write a «masterpiece» you would only put yourself under pressure with too ambitious targets. At this stage you can’t even know how the result will look like.

Remain open

Whatever words arrive you, take them. Remain open, write them down and continue your journey. Don’t interrupt the creative flow by judging incoming ideas. You will sort them out later in step 3.

Stay confident

Take it easy if the sentence or word you are looking for not yet arrived. It will! Stay confident that you will find what you are looking for. Take a break, do something else in between. Patience and serenity, this is the key!