STEP 2: COLLECT the ingredients for your lyrics


Once you have defined the topic of your song you start collecting the ingredients for your lyrics. Similar as step 1 «connect», step 2 «collect» is an intuitive process – however, it requires good attention and mindfulness. It is about being aware of all kinds of «bits and pieces» that are of relevance for your lyrics. You may grasp them through different angels which are described in the following. Laster in step 3 you will sort them out and bring them into shape.

Absorb your surrounding

Absorb your surrounding. Observe people and situations that you encounter in our daily life. Pay attention to and and take note of all topics that seem relevant for your song story.

Build clusters

Collect all kinds of terms and sentences that sound interesting for your story and cluster them thematically. Build «word families», «word clouds» and do simply «mind mapping». Seek for synonyms, antonyms and metaphors.

Improvise spontaneously

Hum or sing words spontaneously in a rhythmic way. First you may just create «working texts» composed of words which are just place holders. However, they can give you a first hint on how your lyrics should sound like.

E.g. it is said that while seeking for the lyrics Paul McCartney sung «scrumbled eggs» until one day «yesterday» came to his mind. Working texts are super useful as they may trigger you finding the right words for your lyrics.

Collecting bits and pieces for your lyrics
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Paint pictures

Writing lyrics is like painting! Paint pictures with your words. Use metaphors as figurative expressions of the topic you want to describe.

Join forces

Let others tell you the words which they want to hear in your song. Ask your friends about the first three things that pop up their mind when thinking of the subject you want to sing about.