STEP 3: SHAPE your lyrics

Find the logic

Compared to the steps 1 and 2, step 3 is the most intellectual. It is here where you sort out the bits and pieces you collected and where you apply technical knowledge and refinement.

Structure your lyrics

If you don’t know yet the structure of your song it is helpful to stick to the most popular song structures. Following today’s «hit formula» may provide a good orientation at the beginning of your songwriting, however, you may break out from common song architectures when arranging your track. If you are not yet entrusted with the common song structures you find plenty of tutorials in the internet – 👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿 or contact me for a training session.

Sort out

Now it’s the time to sort out the bits and pieces you collected in step 2.

Is there a key word that pops up at several places? This may be your hook and part of the chorus. Maybe this word comes with a «twin» or a similar sounding word? Then you may have found a good rhyme to it.

Can you detect a sequence of happenings along a time line, a series of events that build on each other? Then you may have found the material for your verses.

Shape your lyrics.
(source: Ketut Subiyanto,
Make it catchy

Apply rhymes! Particularly in the chorus I recommend applying rhymes. Check out the different types of rhymes here or 👉🏻👉🏽👉🏿  contact me for a teaching.

Apply repetitions! We always seek for the familiar and for orientation. Repeat words and lines as these will be the parts of your lyrics which your audience will memorize and sing along.

Create contrasts! Make breaks, apply words like a rhythm section, reverse the motive or the main sentence in your hook.

Find the match

It’s worth substituting collected words with alternative expressions that acoustically, rhythmically or story-wise fit better. E.g. «shelter», «lodge» or «apartment» could be more to the point than the word «house».

Keep it simple

Keep space for breaks and don’t fill each beat with a word or syllable. Apply also simple things. Sometimes singing the «nanana» is more catchy than the «supercalifragilisticexpialidocious».

Let it be good

You may come to a point where it gets more difficult to decide on whether «this word shall go there« or «that one to be put here». If several options don’t really make your song better but only «different» then let it be good. Accept that creative work never ends so put a full stop here and head for your next song 😊!