Songwriters at Work

It was in summer 2020 during the short window where corona restrictions were released and one could sit together with friends to have some fun.

So we met at a beautiful place in Kappel am Albis (Zurich) with the idea to create a new song. It was a hilarious and stunning experience! After only one hour we had created together this beautiful song to which each of us contributed with his heart, soul & mind.

June 2020 with Tanya Birri (voc), Asma Asaaf (voc), Torbjörn Hansson (guit) and myself (voc)

As an «unintended consequence» of this session we had elaborated a workable and successful methodology for song writing! We replicated and tested it again one month later with more musicians.

See what happened sitting under the shading wine leaves, jamming and composing with great people!

July 2020 with Tanya Birri (voc), Sabina Stokes (voc), Jay Nicehill  (voc), Nadine Krebs (voc), Peter Aebersold (guit), Samuel Bucher (keys) and Fabienne-Alexia aka fabal (voc)

Grateful for the few moments of musical joy and happiness in 2020 I am heading now for 2021. I am positive that we will experience also this year some delightful and heart filling moments of music!

2021 I am ready for you!

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