Looking back to «making music in Myanmar» -

Jammin‘ in Myanmar and recording at ESUS5 Studio in Yangon was an exciting experience. And a song inspired by a new country experience is probably the most beautiful souvenir you can bring along from afar.

Short after my arrival im 2014 the monsoon season started. Inspired by the changing atmosphere I recorded soon after «The Monsoon Blues» at the ESUS Recording Studio in Yangon where I interviewed its owner Aron S. Read here more about this exciting music adventure and listen to the track further below.

In the Western world Myanmar, has gained popularity through the insisting endeavor of “Aung Sang Suu Kyi” to strive for the countries’ non-violent democratization. For about 50 years the governing military junta sealed the country off from the rest of the world and opened up its boarders just in 2012. Since then, a wave of modernization has been flooding the country boosting not only its economy but as well art, music and the entertainment industry.

When I got the chance to make recordings at the “ESUS5 Recording and Jamming Studio” I met with Aaron S., one of the studio owners, to learn from his experience and life within the vibrant and now fast growing music scene in Yangon.

Jamming at Inya Lake, Yangon 2015
Recording at the ESUS Studio in Yangon (2014)
The Karaoke selection
The Myanmar Karaoke experience is a MUST.
Meeting Aron S. at the ESUS RECORDING STUDIO in Yangon
A little boy studying where the sounde comes from (Yangon, 2015)

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